Touch the Moon is a simple song that works as a round or layered song and you can sing just one or two lines or all four if you’d like to. We would love to hear your voice singing with us at the Moonbury Rings weekend on July 21st when we perform Apollo – One Giant Leap, so here are the simple tools you’ll need to learn it.
You can practice by yourself, or maybe get together with some friends, family members or work colleagues and learn it together. Either way you’ll have plenty of other people to sing it with on the night! You don’t need to be able to read music – you can just play one of the MP3s via the links below and sing along – but if you do read music, you can also download it as a PDF via the other link.

Touch The Moon – Anthem

A ‘round’ or layered song
On a beautiful sunny day we feel the sun’s rays from 94 million miles away, a physical sensation that warms our world.
The light from the Moon is far more subtle but still as tangible. The particles that make up the Moon’s light are a very physical part of our world; and when we stand outside on a beautiful starry night bathed in moonlight we are in fact touching the moon!

The anthem Touch The Moon is a celebration, not only of the incredible journey through space that captivated the world, but of us all being touched by the Moon (some more than others – but that’s another story!) So this is a song for everyone to sing. There are just four musical lines plus a descant line for the choirs or soloist to sing.

Geof Edge

Touch The Moon Lyrics

Here are the lyrics for Touch The Moon:

The whole world watches as they touch the Moon ( x 2 )

See the dust rise from the surface of the Moon ( x 2 )

And Earthrise so blue on the horizon ( x 2 )

Touch the Moon ( x 2 )